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On the 8th September 2018, in just under a month we shall be taking on the challenge of trekking parts of the Great Wall of China. This challenge will entail a seven day hike, walking up and down steep steps and parts of the wall for around eight hours a day. We will be doing this trek with a group called ‘Charity Challenge’ who will ensure that we are safe and probably laughing at out misfortune throughout the trip. They offer complete logistical coordination for us and onset support during the trek.

We were motivated to do this challenge in order to raise money for charity due to my mother taking her own life in November 2017 after battling so bravely and beautifully with a very intense period of depression. To anyone that had known her, they would have never guessed that these dark and relentless demons were inside of her. Mummy was without a doubt the most loving, kind, generous and above all fun person that I knew. She loved Papa, my sisters, and myself more than anything and she gave us a wonderful life, and the hole that she has left in our lives is immeasurable – but the support we have had from family, friends and most importantly the mental health professionals has been unbelievable and it is so vital to us that these organisations get the funding they so desperately need.

For the past months we had thought about how we could help other people that are suffering from Pre and Post Natal Depression and we wanted to do something a bit wacky and challenging to generate widespread support, so we decided on walking the Great Wall. We are doing this in aid of PANDAS Foundation, who work with new mothers to help and support them with pre and post natal mental illnesses. We want to use this trip to raise as much money as possible to help with the research and support that new mothers desperately need, to help others in a similar situation. This charity are able to influence and change many mothers and families lives and we would appreciate any support and donations to this charity.

If any of you wish to donate I would be unbelievably grateful, even the smallest of donations can make a difference. Our virgin money giving page link is here:



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