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Our amazing volunteer Kerry, who writes for Media and Fundraising, wrote a poem for the mother at home who is feeling hopeless. She is proof that there is HOPE and you are not alone.


It’s OK to have HOPE.
I write this poem for you

Hold on pain ends.
I hope one day I will wake and feel alive.
I hope one day I will feel like I do want to thrive.
Hope is wishing for the best.
Hoping to be rid of this mess.
I hope one day I will feel like a good mum.
A Mum my daughter deserves.
Finally overcome my nerves.
I hope one day I will look back and think… I have overcome the dark times. 

Sing a nursery rhyme without wanting to cry all the time.
I hope I wake from this nightmare.
I hope these thoughts will disappear.
I hope with support I won’t feel like I want to run away
Hope is a word so strong.
We face struggles, being strong is all we have, for you don’t know strength until you have struggled.
You don’t have to do it alone.
Hope is something we wish for, for so long.
Hoping to be better. 
Hold onto hope it’s sometimes all we have.
This does not have to be your end.
Hold on pain ends.

To follow Kerry and her blog please go to Twitter @KTmummy



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