Yoga and Wellbeing Evening - Shireen Watson - PANDAS Foundation UK

With Postnatal Depression (PND) affecting a staggering 1 in 10 women, I wanted to organise a fun and restorative Yoga and Wellbeing Evening for mums to take time out to recharge, whilst highlighting the plight of those suffering from PND and helping to dispel the stigma attached to mental illness as a whole – given that 1 in 4 of the general public also experience a mental health problem each year. I felt PANDAS really encapsulated this message and that their strap line “It’s ok not to be ok” so powerful, since often the shame and taboo surrounding mental illness makes it harder for sufferers to seek help.


Motherhood is such a precious gift but it is so easy to neglect your own wellbeing whilst responsible for another human being. It can also be a lonely time, which is why I wanted to bring mums together (with kids of all ages) to become acquainted and help support one another. The aim of the evening was to rejuvenate and relax the mums whilst providing an information/ support hub on community resources, childcare, activities and wellbeing therapies available for local mums and children, to also help enhance the joys of motherhood.

Through my personal experiences of being a mother, I have learnt how vital it is to invest time in your own physical, mental and emotional wellbeing and I have found yoga the perfect platform for this. I completed a Yoga Teacher Training Course before having children which helped navigate me through stressful times. When my daughter was a baby, I did a mother & baby yoga class and for the first time in months, I felt re-energised and relaxed.  My daughter even seemed to sense how uplifted mummy was and we would both literally float out of the class.


I’ve additionally always been very interested in alternative therapies to promote wellbeing and had regular acupuncture sessions during my pregnancies. Subsequently I felt the mums would really benefit from practitioners giving talks and Q&As on their respective professions, which the mums could then take away and apply to their everyday lives. The evening also included a yoga class, healthy superfood refreshments and a raffle.


To give a taster I’ve included the main format of the evening below. All the practitioners and contributors kindly donated their time, expertise and goodies which made the evening such a success and I’m very grateful for:


  • Talks and Q&As by wellbeing therapists:
  • Olga Preston from The Brain Bio Centre,,which specialises in an integrative approach to mental wellbeing by helping to identify nutritional or biochemical imbalances, which may be contributing to symptoms
  • Demonstration by prominent Hypnotherapist Doug Osborne who specialises in depression, anxiety and phobias,
  • Highly regarded Acupuncturist, Pierre Jean Cousin, who The Telegraph has described as one of the UK’s “top 20 health gurus”,
  • Yoga class (for all levels) with Carley Small, and Yoga Nidra (deep restorative practice) with Patricia Leggatt
  • Healthy refreshments supplied by Groovita,
  • Raffle prizes which were all kindly donated and consisted of:
  • an organic rejuvenating facial with Claire King,
  • an organic travel size hair set hamper provided by Eloise Frey,
  • 5x breakfast & coffee gift vouchers for Belle Amie in Earlsfield,
  • Groovita box with superfoods and recipe ideas


Here are some snaps of the evening:







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