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Volunteers are at the core of what we do and without them we would not be able to offer the range of services and support that we do. Whether you are raising awareness, fundraising, talking to the media, supporting people affected by pre/postnatal mental illness in your community or leading other volunteers, we believe that by working together we can make a difference.

Being a PANDAS volunteer gives me the chance to help others who are experiencing the same things I did and learn from them at the same. It is an incredibly rewarding role and im proud to be part of such a wonderful charity.

Carole, Online Support Volunteer

Being a PANDAS volunteer gives me the opportunity to use my experience of Post Natal depression in the family unit to help others who are going through similar experiences. It is a role that I feel humbled and honoured to be considered for. Seeing people grow every day is the ultimate positive experience.

David, PANDAS Dads

You may also have your own reasons for volunteering and we would love to know what they are. If we know why you want to get involved it helps us make sure that we find the right role for you. That is just as important and helps us provide you with a meaningful and worthwhile volunteering experience.

Our PANDAS Volunteer of the Year 2015 writes about what being a PANDAS Volunteer means to her.

To apply for our roles please visit our Jobs page here

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