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Bodies Beyond Babies

Rachael Jennings, 31 from Doncaster is a proud mum to baby Nell. Rachael experienced pre and post natal depression and anxiety with her first child. Rachael is now on a mission to campaign for better and more perinatal support services.
Rachael started the calendar campaign after feedback from mothers that they were encouraged to “bounce back” after having a baby. Her aim? To support PANDAS by raising money and awareness, while celebrating the variations of “normal”; of the post baby body.

Rachael is also a baby massage and pregnancy yoga instructor, as well as PGCE and Early Years Professional. 

She says “I am incredibly proud of the mums who have taken part in the calendar and the supporting team. I plan to continue to work hard in breaking the silence around PND and help others to find self-love.”

Yoga and Wellbeing Evening – Shireen Watson

With Postnatal Depression (PND) affecting a staggering 1 in 10 women, I wanted to organise a fun and restorative Yoga and Wellbeing Evening for mums to take time out to recharge, whilst highlighting the plight of those suffering from PND and helping to dispel the stigma attached to mental illness as a whole – given that 1 in 4 of the general public also experience a mental health problem each year. I felt PANDAS really encapsulated this message and that their strap line “It’s ok not to be ok” so powerful, since often the shame and taboo surrounding mental illness makes it harder for sufferers to seek help.


Motherhood is such a precious gift but it is so easy to neglect your own wellbeing whilst responsible for another human being. It can also be a lonely time, which is why I wanted to bring mums together (with kids of all ages) to become acquainted and help support one another. The aim of the evening was to rejuvenate and relax the mums whilst providing an information/ support hub on community resources, childcare, activities and wellbeing therapies available for local mums and children, to also help enhance the joys of motherhood.

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