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Kerry and Edith

My Journey – by Kerry Webb

I’m a mental health nurse, so you think I would recognise the signs and be able to know when to act? Unfortunately not…


In February 2015 I had my first daughter, Amelia Alyce. I had some symptoms I brushed under the carpet during my pregnancy for quite some time, I now recognise these as panic attacks, dark intrusive thoughts and rumination.

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Postnatal Psychosis – My Experience by Kate Valenta Parsonage

Ahh Christmas time. The time when soaps tend to do their best dramatic storylines to fight for top ratings. No matter how unrealistic they maybe.  Most years I don’t pay attention to the TV it all seems to be doom and gloom and not much ‘Holiday spirit’. This year however I’ll be watching with baited breath holding out that maybe, just maybe soaps may actually do a small minority of women a favour and expose the crippling Illness of Post-Natal Psychosis for the terrifying demon it truly is in a sensitive and realistic view.

This year Eastenders are going to feature Stacey Branning developing the illness after giving birth to her baby. Most people who watch Eastenders already know that Stacey suffers from Bipolar Disorder. Bipolar disorder gives mums a higher chance of developing post-natal psychosis, 25-50% higher than a woman with an undiagnosed severe mental illness in the days after childbirth. Couple that with Stacey deciding not to take her prescribed medications for her Bipolar disorder during her pregnancy it’s just not sounding good. However, there’s still the minority of women who don’t take their medications during pregnancy with a diagnosed severe mental illness and they’re completely fine afterwards. Post-natal psychosis is barely spoken about it’s very under known about by both medical professionals and the general public but I’m hoping it is done justice in this upcoming storyline. Read More

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