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Lucien’s Marathon

1) Please tell us about yourself?

My name is Lucien, 32 from France. I have been living in the UK with my wife Alix for almost 10 years and consider myself more English than French! Our son Oscar is 2.5 years old. I work in sports marketing, and apart from running, I enjoy sports in general, music and film.

2) Please tell us about your marathon?

My marathon was Sunday (9th April) in Paris. I’ve been training hard for the last 6 months, gradually building my training regime. I only started running 1 year ago, after 31 years of hating it!

3) Please tell us about your experiences of perinatal mental health and why you are supporting PANDAS?

It wasn’t something my wife and I were ready for. I don’t think anyone can be. But in my case, I had a misconception of what it meant. My wife was ,and still is- one of the strongest persons I know, and when it started few weeks after our lovely boy Oscar was born, I think both of us actually fooled ourselves into thinking it wasn’t that. It couldn’t be. She was just tired and it would pass. But it didn’t. Things worsened, to a point where I was fearing for her safety. Never our child’s. Remarkably and bravely Alix decided to get help and it was the best decision she could take.

I remember feeling this complete sense of being useless. I am used to making her feel better after 14 years together and I know what to say when she’s down. But this wasn’t “like before.” And we now know this isn’t something you can get out of without the help of professionals. This doesn’t make Alix, or anyone seeking help weak or weaker. Actually for me realising this is beyond your control and requiring professional help is a sign of strength. Alix received the help she needed from NHS professionals, who were absolutely amazing. But we wish at the time we’d known about PANDAS.

4) How can supporters follow your marathon and sponsor you?

I’m starting on Sunday around 08.55 UK time, and you can track me (my race number is 71199) here: You can support me (and PANDAS of course) by donating on my page:

5) Finally is there anything else you would like to add? 

To people reading this at that crucial point when you do not know if you, or a loved -ones is suffering from perinatal mental illness, and think it will go by itself, please do seek help. If nothing else ,you will get the chance to have a chat than can be more powerful than you think.

Thank you for reading and I hope to make PANDAS proud. I won’t set the timer on fire – but I’ll do my best.

Lucien is running a marathon in Paris on Sunday to raise funds for people suffering with perinatal mental health. We would like to say a huge thank you to Lucien for sharing his family’s story and for having the strength to train for a marathon.

#MumBag PANDAS Guest Blog

Show us your #MumBag


Guest Blog by Mrs Yellow


Someone I really admire came out about their PND on Facebook the other day and it really threw me.  (And I can’t not mention the amazing Adele which has happened since writing this.)

Not because it’s still taboo (it is) or I think she should keep the darkness from the positive PR machine that is social media (I don’t) but because if you asked me who had it, she would be on the absolute bottom of my list.  She is a great character and is super hot and happy and funny on social media even with a small baby in tow. It just surprised me.

I admire her even more now.

Read More

Couch Potato to 10k – by Tillie Mabbutt

A Beginners Guide to Running

Unless I was being chased I didn’t run.  That is until I decided to give the NHS Couch to 5k running app a go.  It’s a programme that teaches complete beginners to run gradually, with the aim being  that in 9 short weeks you can run for 30 minutes (approximately 5k). Each week has different timings of runs and walks, you complete these every other day for 3 days before moving on to the next level.   I enjoyed it so much by week 7 I had signed up to a 10k race, here’s my diary on how it went.


Week 1

Brisk 5 minute warm up walk then run for 60 seconds and then walk for 90 seconds, for a total of 20 minutes

OK, so I’ve got my trainers, some stretchy ‘sports’ leggings (ones I use for painting!) and a loose t-shirt, my phone and I’ve downloaded the Couch to 5k app: I’m raring to go! I turn the app on and Jo Whiley tells me that I’m going to walk for 5 minutes; brilliant, I can definitely do this.  After that nice trundle she says that I have to run my first 60 seconds and its not too bad, I’m enjoying being outside and decide I definitely look like Paula Radcliffe.  I walk for the allotted 90 seconds before running again, this goes on a few times and each time it’s a mix slightly harder and wishing I was at home eating Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food.  By the end I feel really good and I love how gentle it is, I was really capable of doing it if I use the app and take it easy. Read More

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