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The Good Practice of Care Conference

PANDAS Foundation are delighted to be supporting The Good Practice of Care for Women with Mental Health Conditions during Pregnancy Conference, being organised and Chaired by Mr Raja Gangopadhyay, Consultant Obstetrician, West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust.

The conference aims at enriching attendees knowledge of Perinatal Mental Health (PMH) conditions, and lecturing experts will be covering :

– Overviewing mental health problems in the perinatal period,
– The effects of maternal mental health conditions on fetus and pregnancy outcomes,
– Interventions to mitigate risks and Care Planning in pregnancy.
– Principles of using the medication in the pregnancy and breastfeeding.
– Tokophobia and traumatic birth.

The conference is being held on the 23th June from 9-5pm at the International Hotel, Wembley, London with all proceeds from the conference being donated to PANDAS Foundation.

PANDAS Foundation has been providing peer to those directly and indirectly affected by pre and post natal depression since 2012.  PANDAS service users are supported by volunteers through a dedicated helpline, local support groups, email support and closed Facebook groups. The majority of volunteers have had first or secondhand experience of these terrible illnesses and now having recovered, are passionate about giving their time to help support those going through similar circumstances.

Volunteers, providing peer support are trained in peer support and safeguarding protocols and are fully DBS checked.

If you are interested in hearing more about PANDAS services please contact us directly on :


On Friday 18th September I travelled to the University of Huddersfield to attend the Maternal Mental Health Conference. The audience was mainly made up of midwives, student midwives and people like myself who are interested in maternal mental health. I currently volunteer on the PANDAS helpline and thought it would be a great opportunity to widen my knowledge of perinatal mental health and how it is approached from a healthcare professional’s point of view.

Although the conference was mainly aimed at healthcare professionals there were many points that I took away from the day that may be of interest to the lovely women and families who turn to PANDAS for support. The following points are based on what I heard on the day and also from my own reflections. Read More


Well, hello there!  If you are a regular reader of this blog, you may know me already as the young lady who badgers folk to share their stories, their experiences and their knowledge with you all here at the PANDAS Guest Blog.  I thought it would be natural to write about the PANDAS Conference on the following Monday, but here I am on Sunday evening without a post ready for tomorrow – eek…..

Most of you have probably already seen the photographs littering Facebook of speakers, people laughing (very loudly) and award winners, it was a great day and really well put together.  I watched Sally Llewellyn (PANDAS Safeguarding Team) give two talks, one on Self Harm and Intrusive Thoughts and the other on Challenging Misconceptions, both were exceptional and we all took away a lot of invaluable information.  I also watched a talk on Talking Therapies, which was so interesting that it over-ran into lunch and nobody complained!

Rachael, our beloved PANDAS Founder, gave a very moving talk which really challenged the way we speak to ourselves, it was horrifying to hear some of the quotes, particularly to hear mine (“I’m too selfish to be a good Mother”) among them.  It was a real eye-opener. Read More

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