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Address: The Brockington Mother & Baby Unit

South Staffordshire and Shropshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

St Chad’s House

Corporation Street


ST16 3AG

Telephone number:    Tel: 01785 221554 (Secretary)

Te: 01785 221560 (Ward)

Email address:

Number of beds: 6

Referrals from: General Practioners, Obstetricians, Consultant Psychiatrists, Community  Mental Health Nurse, Midwifes and Social Workers. Referrals can be made for women from 20 weeks pregnant.


The Staffordshire based Brockington Unit (South Staffordshire and Shropshire NHS Trust Foundation). Offers specialised care for women suffering from mental health problems associated with pregnancy and following birth including severe Postnatal Depression and Puerual Psychosis (Postnatal Psychosis).

here is an outpatient facility which provides assessment and treatment for people which live within South Staffordshire. Predominately a 9am -5pm service and clinics are currently being held in Stafford and Burton upon Trent.

The inpatient service has contracting agreement in place for those who live in South Staffordshire, North Shropshire and Shropshire, and will also accept referral from across the UK for those who require inpatient treatment providing the relevant funding can be agreed with the Patients local Primary Care Trust. Women are admitted from 34 weeks or up to 12 months postnately.

Visiting Times: Visiting times are 4.30 pm - 8.00 pm

Weekends are flexible.

The Trust promotes protected meal times on the ward for clients, when family members are encouraged to continue to care for their baby along with Mum and nursing team.

Partners: Partners are approached on an individual basis.  

The purpose of one to one session is to find out whether the partner needs any additional support.

Partners are encouraged to be involved at all times.

There is a Father Support Group which Dads may join.

Security: The door to the unit is locked at all times for the safety and security of both mother and baby and there are CCTV cameras fitted. There is a visitor's book that all visitors must use to sign in when they arrive.

Hand gel is provided at the entrance door for all visitors to use. A copy of the Children's Visiting Policy is available if requested. All children visiting the unit need to be booked in advance with the ward staff via telephone. All children who visit must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times.

What happens during my stay?Each Monday there is a Community Meeting with the Activities Co-ordinator.  All mums attend this meeting.

There are a number of activities available:

Yoga, Complementary Therapies, Art, Needlework.

On Wednesday, Mums may go to the Children's Centre in Stafford.

You will be asked to have your photograph taken when you arrive on the Unit.

Who comes to the Unit?A Health Visitor and Midwife will visit the unit.  Both of these are Stafford-based and provide support to the Brockington Mother and Baby Unit.

The Unit uses Browning Street Surgery a local GP for Mums who live outside of the area.  Mums in the Unit who live in Stafford may continue to use their

own GP.

Clinic In A Box is a service which attends the ward once a month or when required to discuss sexual health.

Women's Aid is also accessible through the Unit if required.

The Trust provides an advocate service to clients at their request.

Brockington Unit

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