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Worried about someone you think might have pre-Antenatal, postnatal depression or psychosis

If you feel that someone might have pre or postnatal depression they might not realise or want to acknowledge that they’re not behaving as they usually do. Depression can develop slowly.

Often a partner, family member or carer realises that help is needed, and this is a good time to encourage them to see a doctor or look at pandas website or call Pandas Help Line.

Feeling sad is a normal part of life. However if these feelings start to last for more than a couple of weeks or if they start to affect your daily life, this might mean that the person you are worried about has depression.

What are the signs that someone may be depressed?

There are many symptoms of depression. The ones that you need to look for are feeling low, hopeless having low self esteem, lack of energy and problems sleeping.  The more symptoms the person has the more likely they are to be  depressed. See all the symptoms of depression here and see the symptoms of postnatal depression here.

Tips to helping someone who seems down

Calling Pandas Help Line

If you are worried about someone and would like to talk to some one about what to do next or what help is available now call our Help line.

Common Questions and Answers

Information on how genetic might effect your risk of getting pre and postnatal illnesses.

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