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Help and information

Find out about depression and find out how we can help you

Causes and risk factors

Causes & Risk Factors

Information about genetics and other known causes and risk factors

Read about depression

About Depression

An explanation of what depression is, signs, symptoms and other general information about depression

Find out about the illnesses

Pre & Postnatal illnesses

All you need to know about pre and postnatal illnesses.

Types of Treatments

Find out about the different depression treatments, including detailed information on individual drugs and possible side effects

Read our carers information

Carers Information

Find information and help if you are carering or think someone has a pre or postnatal illness

Living with

How to cope with practical and emotional effects after been diagnosed with a pre or postnatal illness

Living with, pre or postnatal illness

In Help and Information we provide high quality, up to date information for pre and postnatal depression sufferers, their families and carers. All of our information is written and reviewed by specialists.

Pregnancy Information

Pregnancy Information

Information people thinking they might have pre or might get postnatal depression.

Read the Questions and Answers

Questions & Answers

Common questions we have been asked about depression

Support Services

Support Services

Information about services out there to support you with pre and postnatal illnesses

See the resources


Find links and information to other resources available.

Find out about treatments

Read our publications


Download Pandas free publications on postnatal depression, OCD, Anxiety and other.