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Mindfulness at Christmas

Mindfulness at Christmas, by Charlotte Saker


When I think of mindfulness I think of ‘living in the moment’.  It’s also about meditation, increasing your awareness and watching the world go by.  With so much going on over the next week or so it can be particularly hard to stop and just allow yourself to be in the moment, so I thought I’d give it a try.

I’ve had quite a hard and stressful week with loads going on in my personal life, PANDAS Adventwhich typically always happens doesn’t it, when you’ve got lots to do to prepare for something such as Christmas.  As I drove home in the dark the other night I tried to think about being mindful.  I looked at the Christmas lights on people’s houses and really tried to focus on what they looked like, how they made me feel.  I tried not to think about all the other things going on and just be in that moment.  I found it hard, so I searched around for some tips on being mindful at Christmas, and here are my suggestions: Read More

PANDAS Advent Blog – Organisation

Organisation, by Charlotte Saker

When I think of Christmas it usually always involves; snow, a lovely big tree, a great roast dinner, and happy family surrounding me.  Unfortunately, most of those do not happen.  Christmas Day is often dull and overcast, the only tree that I can afford or that can fit into the living room is fairly small and something nearly always gets burnt or under-cooked at lunchtime.  And as for happy families, I don’t think I can remember a Christmas when there weren’t arguments.  Read More

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