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PANDAS is the leading UK charity in supporting families suffering from pre (antenatal) and postnatal illnesses. PANDAS vision is to support every individual, family and carer suffering with perinatal mental health illnesses. We campaign to raise awareness and remove the stigma. We provide our PANDAS Help Line, Support Groups, and online advice to all and much more. See how you can make a difference by volunteering or donating today.

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PANDAS Conference and Awards

A true celebration for the volunteers and supporters which ensure PANDAS can continue to offer the advice and support for individuals, their families and carers suffering pre and postnatal mental health illnesses. Without them, we wouldn’t be here.

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It is only within the last twenty years that prenatal (antenatal) depression has been associated with pregnancy. Prior to this, postnatal depression was the only ‘depression’ linked to pregnancy.

Pre-natal depression


Giving birth can be disappointing or traumatising, and depending on your own experience it may have made you feel out of control and frightened.


Even though symptoms of postnatal psychosis can include depression, the illness its self is completely different to postnatal depression.


Research showed that 21% of Dads had a depressive episode within the first year of the baby being born.

Postnatal depression Postnatal Psychosis Dads & Postnatal depression



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